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Newsoftwares USB Block v1.5.0 Full Version Crack Keygen Serial Key

Newsoftwares USB Block v1.5.0 Full Version Crack Keygen Serial Key  is a data leak prevention tool that prevents leakage and copy of your data to USB Drives, External Drives, CDs/DVDs or other such portable devices. Once installed, USB Block lets you block all such drives and devices that do not belong to you. With USB Block, you can share your PC with anyone without fear of data theft. USB Block also lets you create a list of devices and drives you authorize with a password so that only your USB drives or CDs can be accessed on your computer.
Data Leak Prevention at its Best!

Do you have important documents, financial reports, source codes or private files you don’t want to get stolen ever? Your PC is the perfect machine to let that happen easily, with so many open ports, USB drive slots, CD/DVD Writers, Memory Card slots and Network Access. You need USB Block – data leak prevention software to prevent data leak & data theft. Do you leave your computer unattended while being away or do you have employees you don’t trust? You need USB Block on every PC you have.
Prevent Copying of your Sensitive Information!
USB Block is a two-in-one data leak prevention & copy protection software that lets you prevent copying of sensitive information to any unauthorized portable device including USB drives, external hard drives, memory cards, digital cameras, iPods, CDs/DVDs, Network Computers and more. You can also check Reports & Logs by running the application to regularly monitor which device was authorized, when and by whom. USB Block uses hardcore data leak prevention technology and ensures complete security of your files.
Protect your PC from Viruses and Spyware
Worried about all those viruses and malware that spread through USB drives and External drives? If you install USB Block on your computer, it will not only offer data leak prevention for your files and folder but will also block USB Drives or External Drives that do not belong to you from accessing your data. With USB Block, you’re in full control of who can access your files and folders. Furthermore, any malicious attempts by hackers or crackers to install unwanted spying software on your computer can also be prevented with USB Block.

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